Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy describes how DDBC Luxury Properties, Sociedade de Mediação Imobiliária, Lda (Licence 10758-AMI), treat personal information collected through the website and applications where it appears from its customers and candidates or employees. Data protection is one of the core pillars of our business policy.

This Privacy Policy applies to personal information collected through the website as well as information collected at our sales office or by email. It applies also to personal information collected from candidates and employees.

Please review this Policy before using the website or using any of our products or services. By using the website or by using any of our services in the context of registering for any services, you agree in the collection and use of personal information as described in this Policy. If you do not agree with the use of your personal data as described under this Policy you should not access the website or register to use any of our services.

I – The pillars of our privacy policy:

DDBC Luxury Properties, Sociedade de Mediação Imobiliária, Lda data protection policy is based on seven fundamental pillars:


We collect and process personal data of our customers and employees only for lawful purposes, in the scope of the development of our commercial activity, always giving to the holder of the data, information clear and precise about the purposes of the collection of data, as well as about how it is treated and protected.


The data we collect is used only for the purposes described in this policy.


We collect personal information strictly necessary for the pursuit of the purposes described in this policy.


We assume before the data subjects the commitment of to take appropriate measures to keep the data accurate and up-to-date. We ensure also that inaccurate data should be erased or rectified.


We maintain personal data only for the time strictly necessary to pursue the purposes described in this policy.


We adopt technical and organizational measures to protect the data of our customers, candidates and employees, assuring their safety even against unauthorized or unlawful treatment acts, as well as against their loss, destruction or damage.


We undertake the responsibility to comply with the provisions of this privacy policy.

II – Personal information collected

Conducting every aspect of our business, we may collect personal information such as:

– Contact information, as your name, address, phone number and email;

– Demographic information, as nationality, gender, age, language preferences;

– Information related to your interest in selling or buying properties;

– Information submitted on surveys or posted on social media;

– Fiscal information, as tax payer number;

– Information when you apply for a job as name, address, nationality, phone number, email, date of birth, reasons to be a candidate, hobbies, training, education and work experience;

– Information about social security number, marital status, fiscal address and number of children of our employees besides the information mentioned above;

– If you participate in our activities on social media, we may collect some kind of information from your account, such as your location, check-ins, activities, hobbies, photos, profile updates and list of friends. We may also allow you to participate in prizes draws, shared offers and other promotions that may provide some information, such as photos, which you can share with your contacts, for voting purposes;

– – By using our website, we may collect other information through tracking tools such as cookies (please see our Cookies Policy), IP addresses, username, language, region from which you access the site, navigation preferences, service preferences, logins, number of visits to the site.

III – Sensitive information

We do not collect any “sensitive information” related to religious or philosophical beliefs, political opinions, race or ethnicity, trade union membership, sexual orientation, sex life and genetic information, unless explicit consent of the data subject to the processing of those personal data for a specified purpose expressly communicated or by any other reason that legally may authorise the treatment.

IV – How do we collect personal information

During the commercial relationship, personal information from our customers is collected in different moments:

1 – Activities of company

– When a potential buyer or seller contacts us we collect personal information (it could be done in person, by phone, email, or through our website;

2) Marketing

– Send information about new listings or promotions

– Subscription of newsletters;

– Satisfaction enquires;

4) Internet

– Use of the website – personal information is collected automatically by using tracking tools such as IP address and browser cookies (please see cookies policy)

– Online forms (online enquiries, social media).

5) Recruitment

– Job applications.

6) When a unit is sold/purchased

We may combine personal information collected by different means or from various sources mentioned above within the strictly necessary for the development of our activity or obtained your consent when required by law.

We use information as disclosed and described here, subject to any consent required by applicable law.

V – Purposes of the data collection

We use the personal information collected for different purposes:

– To fulfil our obligations with our customers;

– To manage the relationship with the customers before, during and after any possible deal, particularly:

a) Management of the customers data base;

b) For statistical purposes and to make reports;

c) To manage requests to cancel the subscription of newsletters, promotions and customer satisfaction enquiries;

d) To manage complaints, including about terms and conditions, cookies policy and privacy policy;

e) To use the opposition right.

– To improve our services. To understand how we can meet your needs and expectations you can receive a request to participate in a customer survey.

– To personalize your preferences, as far as it is legally permitted.

– For marketing and sales purposes. We can send information about our services and promotions and news when you consent. To stop receiving Marketing and Sales communications see section VII below.

– To hire employees.

VI – Personal information shared with third parties

We inform that the personal information collected could be shared with the following entities:

– Employees of the company, as long as it is needed for operational purposes;

– Services providers, which are contractually obligated to protect your personal information and may not otherwise use or share your personal information, except as it may be required by law. We include here:

A – IT services providers;

B – Banks;

C – Auditors, insurance companies, accountants, fiscal representatives and external lawyers.

– In case of Business transactions. If we sell, buy, restructure or reorganize all business or part of it we may disclose user information as part of the transaction;

– Public authorities, in order to comply with applicable laws, on request of public authorities within the applicable laws, comply with valid legal or fiscal procedures, protect the rights, privacy or safety of our properties, customers, visitors, employees and to respond to an emergency.

In the event of the transmission of personal data to third parties, the legal obligations under the applicable laws will be strictly complied with and every effort will be made to ensure that such third parties use the personal data in an appropriate manner in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

VII – Choices about your personal information

Marketing and sales communications – To stop receiving our promotional newsletters you may follow the instructions contained in any promotional message received from us or you can opt out by sending us an email to saying that you don’t wish to receive more promotional communications.

You can control cookies and tracking tools. Please view cookies policy at cookies policy.

VIII – Protecting personal information

We have implemented technical and organizational measures to ensure confidentiality and protection of personal information in accordance with legal requirements and with the rules of this policy.

We protect personal data from unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration or destruction.

We use firewalls and ID/password systems and we have restricted access to the personal information, beside other means of physical protection of the data.

IX – Retaining and destruction personal information

We retain personal information about our customers for the period of time necessary to comply with the purposes of this policy and/or for the period necessary to comply with legal obligations.

We destroy personal information of our clients when it is not needed anymore.

The data destroyed cannot be restored.

X – Requests for accessing, changing or destroying personal information

In the terms of the applicable law, our customers could:

– ask us to inform them about their personal information that we keep;

– ask us to update or correct their personal information;

– ask us to delete their personal information, as far as it is possible in the terms of the applicable law (for instance personal information for marketing purposes).

Such requests should be done by email ( or by registered letter to DDBC Luxury Properties, Lda., Avenida José dos Santos Farias, Nº.137, Loja A, R/C Esqº, 8135-167 Almancil Portugal.

By safety reasons, we just proceed with requests send through a registered email of the data subject.

We will proceed with required changes or destruction within the as quickly as possible, in accordance with the law.

Feel free to contact us if you have more questions.

We may update this Privacy Policy time to time. We strongly recommend that you visit regularly this Policy.

Last Update 03.04.2024