Cookies Policy

Luxury Properties, Sociedade de Mediação Imobiliária, Lda. uses cookies or other technologies on its website, that may be installed on your device, subject to your preferences and options that you may express at any time in accordance with this policy.

The purpose of using cookies and other technologies by Dunas Douradas Beach Club is, mainly, to maximize the safety and assure an optimized use of our online services.


In order to provide information and ensure transparency, Luxury Properties has established this policy so you can know more about:

The origin and purpose of information processed while browsing our website

Your rights to cookies and other crawlers used by Luxury Properties


Cookies are small text files that contain small pieces of information that is downloaded to your device when you visit a website. This facility allows the user to be recognized in their visits to the site and its configuration parameters and the consequent establishment of safe and private sessions, as well as the proper prevention of any attempt of unauthorized access and adequate protection of data in the legally required terms.

The use of Cookies on the Internet is usual and does not harm the computers of users. Cookies perform a variety of functions, such as helping webmasters understand how it is used, facilitating browsing, preserving their preferences, and generally improving their user experience, while also ensuring that the website shows you relevant content.


Cookies strictly required: They are essential cookies because they ensure the navigation on the site and the use of its features, such as accessing secure areas of websites, shopping carts or e-billing. These Cookies do not collect user information that may be used for marketing purposes or to identify user visits to websites. In the case of Cookies strictly necessary for the purpose of providing a service expressly requested by the user, this category of Cookies unlike the others cannot be deactivated or declined.

Performance Cookies: These Cookies collect information about how you use the website, for example, which pages you visit the most frequently or receive error messages. These Cookies do not collect information that identifies you. All the information gathered by this type of Cookies is totally anonymous and serves only the function of optimizing the navigation in the site. They are not intended to provide targeted marketing campaigns. These cookies are only intended to allow for website improvements and performance.

Functional Cookies: These cookies allow the website to recall information about the choices made by the user, such as the username, language, region from which they access the site, and allow the user to customize their experience of using the site. These Cookies are also used to remember the changes that you have made in the configuration of the website, namely the type and font size, colour, and information provision on the pages. They may also serve to provide a given function, for example, displaying a video or participating in a blog as requested by the user. However, cookies are not part of this concept for the purpose of providing targeted marketing campaigns. The information collected is anonymous and does not allow you to track your route on other websites.

Targeting Cookies: These Cookies collect information about the habits of use of a browser by the user, registering uses of the website. They are used to make marketing campaigns more targeted and appropriate to the user. They may, however, contain a key that allows distinguishing between individual usage preferences or storing code that allows translating a set of habits or usage preferences.


You have several options for deleting cookies and other crawlers.

Browser settings

Although most browsers are set to accept cookies, you can choose to accept all cookies, always block cookies, or choose which cookies you want to accept based on their senders. You can also set your browser to accept or block cookies individually and before they are installed. Your browser also allows you to regularly delete cookies from your device. Remember to configure all browsers on different devices (tablets, smartphones, computers, etc.).

Regarding cookie management and your preferences, the configuration varies among the various browsers. This part is described in the Help menu of your browser, as well as edit your preferences regarding cookies. For example:





Saving a cookie on your device depends on your wishes and you can do so and change it at any time and without any charges using the settings offered by your browser software.

If your browser is set to accept cookies on your device, the cookies embedded in the pages and viewed content may be temporarily stored in a dedicated space on your device. They can only be read by the respective issuer.

However, you can set your browser to block cookies. Please note that if you set your browser to block cookies, certain features, pages and spaces on the sites may not be accessible, for which we do not take responsibility.


The installation of certain cookies is subject to your consent. Thus, when you visit the DDBC Luxury Properties website you are asked to accept the installation of this type of cookie, which is only activated after your authorization.

This process is supported through an information banner on the home page of the DDBC Luxury Properties website, which informs the user that by continuing browsing, he is accepting the installation of cookies that require consent in his device.

You can change your mind at any time using the various methods described in the “Delete and / or block cookies” section.


“Essential”, “performance” and “functional” cookies are used for visitor tracking and are solely intended to enhance user comfort by helping us understand your interactions with the website (most visited pages, etc.); these cookies may collect statistics or test different ways of presenting the information in order to increase the relevance and use of our services.

The advertising cookies (targeting) are intended to offer the user, in the spaces for advertising, relevant and targeted content that may interest the user (best offers, other destinations, etc.) based on their interests, browsing behaviour, preferences, and other factors, and reduce the number of times your ads appear.

Social networking cookies, set by third parties, allow you to share your opinion and website content on social networks (for example, the “Share” or “Like” social buttons for social networks).

Social networking applications on the website, as mentioned above, may in some cases allow relevant social networks to identify the user even if they do not click the application button. This type of button can allow a social network to record your website navigation simply because your account in the relevant social network is enabled on your device (open session) while browsing.

We recommend that you read the policies of these social networks to familiarize yourself with how you use the navigation information you collect, especially with regard to advertising. These policies should specifically allow you to make choices on these social networks, in particular, by configuring your user accounts in each of them.


The use of cookies allows us to store information and the possibility of access to information stored in a user’s terminal equipment. The processing objectives are as follows.

We can use Cookies to:

Enable the registration of user data, its configuration parameters and ensure proper prevention of any unauthorized access;

Ensure the privacy of any private area;

Collect information about which pages are most relevant to user

Store marketing information and other preferences to improve the user experience;

Evaluate the effectiveness of our advertising and promotional campaigns in order to increase their performance;

Track your navigation after you have dropped off our website;

To promote actions of commercialization or distribution of information, based on Cookies;

Registration of the Internet navigation, external to our website.

If you have any questions, please contact us by email at LUXURYPROPERTIES@BGMC.PT